Providing Turn Key Training and Exercise Environments, Mission Support and Risk Management Strategies for Secure Operations in Austere Environments

Regional Training Environments

Regional Training Environments


Boosting Local Economies


Preparing for Austere Environments


Scenarios from Lessons Learned


Realistic Training Environments

Providing Strategies for Secure Operations in a Rapidly Changing World

Strategies in a Rapidly Changing World

Integrated Training Solutions

We provide Integrated Training Solutions for Secure Operations in Austere Environments to government agencies, multinational corporations and the largest nongovernmental organizations. More More

Security and Stability Operations

Seasoned Special Operations Forces, International Development Community, Advanced Surveillance Technologies, Secure Communications, Simulation Systems and Realistic Training Environments. VATC provides all the aspects necessary to achieve optimum results and customized for best value.

Recognized Leader in SOF Training Environments

VATC is the recognized leader in a unique industry and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. With 20+ locations around the world, VATC uses subject matter experts, innovative technologies and consortiums to keep its pulse on conflict around the world to create strategies that better prepare our clients to mitigate risks. More More

Career Opportunities
for Subject Matter Experts

VATC is unique in our full spectrum risk mitigation training approach in that we customize our training to fit our client’s needs. Operators, Engineers, Linguists and Technologists are all wanted in this area of expertise. More More