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Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting is disrupting the status quo with an innovative technology platform that changes the way we define being
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Thirteen years ago, we created VATC with the mission to transform force readiness through integration and application of our knowledge, reach, and innovation. Since then, we have supported our customers by delivering superior joint training and exercise solutions while also proactively identifying gaps and deficiencies in the current methods for measuring mission readiness. With that knowledge, we have developed a technology platform that integrates multi-source intelligence, data analytics, and a proven methodology to create a more realistic, dynamic exercise environment that identifies and mitigates training shortfalls as they occur. Today, based on years of experience designing and customizing distributed mission operations of live, virtual, and constructive joint training solutions for Special Operations Forces, our software developers, geospatial database designers, and network engineers have launched a technology platform named EPIC Ready™.

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A Disruptive Technology Platform to Improve Mission Readiness

More than a decade ago, we set out to create SOF, joint, and interagency realistic training environments for gray zones. Today, our solutions are transforming joint mission readiness through global reach, experience, and innovation.


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