Biometrics & Forensics

Biometrically Enabled Intelligence

Biometrics and forensics link people, places, events and materials and allow U.S. forces to identify, target, detain and prosecute terrorists at home and abroad. Our work in virtual training and the efficient management and distribution of enterprise-wide biometrics is helping support today’s warfighters with tomorrow’s technology.

VATC’s augmented reality forensics training:

  • Provides a cost-saving virtual training and situational awareness tool
  • Offers an immersive 3-D training environment that supports expeditionary forensics
  • Replicates the baseline used by intelligence analysts in real-world deployed missions

An example of our augmented reality forensics training support is the work we’ve done for the Army’s Defense Forensics Science Center. Using the latest virtual training techniques, we developed a powerful tool to train personnel in field labs in the proper collection, initial analysis and transmission of biometric and forensic data.

We have also developed a software application to easily store and retrieve geo-specific biometric data. This enterprise biometric inventory application collects biometric data obtained from deployed troops and maintains it in a single, unified system. As a result, it:

  • Stores and manages biometric data efficiently
  • Makes it easy to quickly retrieve and harvest
  • Provides multiple viewing options

As a result, training and field data can be systematically stored, retrieved and highlighted in a way that makes it more accessible for current and future cases.

VATC is helping our military customers better manage, exploit, analyze and distribute biometric and forensic data

VATC Biometrics and Forensics R&D:

  • Supports timely intelligence
  • Improves data management
  • Provides better access to collected biometric data
  • Encourages learning through immersive training