EPIC Media

Secure social media response training.

As social media and other open-source information increases in importance in modern warfare, it’s imperative that training and exercise environments reflect this new reality. EPIC Media aggregates news and social media information from the area of interest, and realistically injects it into training and exercise scenarios.

An innovative tool that replicates the realistic environment, EPIC Media lets participants sense, understand and dynamically respond to changes in the information environment in near real time. EPIC Media presents training audiences with publicly available information, very similar to what they will encounter during deployment, and overlays it with simulated scenarios. By fostering a complex information environment, EPIC Media challenges units against key training tasks.

From special operations forces and intelligence operations to civil-military and public affairs training, EPIC Media can support a variety of mission and training exercises. URL-based, EPIC Media is supported by VATC’s subject matter content experts who customize each exercise to replicate real-world scenarios and deliver a high level of fidelity. In addition, EPIC Media’s APIs allow organizations to integrate their own specialized social media and information tools to add further realism to the exercise.

EPIC Media fills a critical special operations training and exercise gap by simulating a holistic information environment.

Going beyond EPIC Media

Replicating operational realism requires a platform that is extensible. EPIC Ready’s open data standards and open application interfaces lets you enhance training by integrating feeds from key operational systems such as weather systems, persistent change detection systems, biometric and forensic data repositories, and more. As a result, operators, intelligence analysts and other users are better prepared because the training environment mimics the actual operational environment.

EPIC Media Sources Include:

  • News sites
  • Blogs
  • Twitter
  • Facebook