EPIC Ready®

The one suite of applications to run your training exercise

EPIC Ready® is a breakthrough technology platform designed to quickly and cost effectively create a fully integrated training experience that blends realistic replication of Human Dynamics, a 3D common data visual environment, and quantifiable and objective assessment of performance. Proven in demanding special operations, joint, and conventional force training environments, as well as support to Geospatial database development, EPIC Ready is the first product-based training solution that combines geospatial analytics, human dynamics factors, and data-driven performance analysis to create the most realistic and effective warfighter experience possible.

A cost-effective, agile, training platform, EPIC Ready transforms the approach to mission readiness. Built on decades of technical and operational experience, the EPIC Ready platform can maximize individual, unit, and joint readiness against the full range of tasks and missions, as well as assist in determining whether the skills and tasks are relevant for the mission.

EPIC Ready’s open platform is extensible to other applications so that the training environment can be enhanced with realistic effects from the actual operational environment. In addition, EPIC Ready features performance dashboards that make it easier to manage and report on exercises. By providing visual map-based indicators of performance, mission readiness data is easy to discern and allows planners to improve future exercises.

Available in a cloud-based or appliance-delivered platform, EPIC Ready’s modular construction and open architecture provide the flexibility required to support and measure a wide variety of training tasks, including complex exercises and joint and interagency training environments.

EPIC Ready modules include:

  • EPIC Builder: Allows users to build, edit and share 3D models for a uniform training experience.
  • EPIC Media: Aggregates digital media information to enhance training and exercise effects.
  • EPIC Plan: The first real-time system to quantify mission readiness.