Human Performance

Getting the Most Out of Human Performance

VATC is developing methods and procedures to better understand the physical and mental health of military personnel over the life of their service and beyond. By developing a full spectrum approach to measuring and tracking human performance, we can help improve individual performance, protect the health of armed services personnel and raise the probability of mission success.

VATC’s work in human performance can help our customers:

  • Better assess mission readiness data
  • Track individual health and team performance against operational environment realism
  • Better select optimum teams based on human performance factors and operational environment

In addition, VATC is taking the knowledge gained from our human performance activities and integrating it into our EPIC Ready™ platform to enhance the realism of our training environments.

We are currently helping the Air Force’s 711th Human Performance Wing to analyze, design, prototype and evaluate its medical services and processes. This program is part of a larger effort by the Air Force to make its population “the healthiest and highest performing segment of the U.S. by 2025.”

VATC supervises medical research designed to increase the human body’s ability to perform

Human Performance Support Team Includes:

  • Human factor engineers
  • Systems engineers
  • Research coordinators
  • Biosurety program managers
  • Biomedical laboratory technicians
  • Program managers
  • Biomedical engineers