Joint Force Readiness

by | Nov 23, 2016

VATC designs, builds, and executes
mission readiness solutions for
Special Operations, Conventional Forces,
and the Interagency Community.

Joint Force Readiness

VATC Transformed Joint Training Environments
VATC transformed what started as a combat search and rescue exercise in 2007 into USSOCOM’s #1 exercise program: Emerald Warrior. VATC designed, built, and executed one of the first joint exercises of its kind by bringing together more than 2,000 participants from the Services, every USSOCOM Component, six partner nations, and a wide cross-section of U.S. Government agencies and non-governmental organizations. Since our pioneering effort, this annual event has trained approximately 2,000 personnel including 900 air/ground/naval SOF, 700 joint conventional forces, 200 partner nation forces, and 10 from the interagency. Since the scenarios change based upon the mission objectives and budgetary constraints, our planners have included a range of subject, software, and network expertise to design, develop, and coordinate the following:

  • Virtual Cost Effective Design of Simulated Close Air Support training to facilitate gunship call for fire in a simulated environment
  • Joint Training Exercise Network and Secure Communication Support to connect diverse training audiences via virtual domains
  • Special Operations Forces Expertise in scenario development and execution at the higher headquarters
  • Realistic Military Training to coordinate “off installation” training by partnering with local land and business owners so military members can conduct operations in a real world environment

Today, VATC employees are critical to the successful execution of USSOCOM Joint National Training Capability exercises (USASOC JADE HELM, MARSOC RAVEN, NSWC TRIDENT, and AFSOC EMERALD WARRIOR) and to providing Realistic Military Training coordination across the continental United States. Additionally, VATC experts support the USSOCOM Commander’s top training priority by providing pre-deployment training for theater-specific Combined Joint Special Operations Task Forces who deploy directly into combat and contingency operations.

Mission Readiness Structure
VATC combines special operations know-how with engineering expertise to link global training and operations.

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