Other Contracts

Other Contracts


NORAD-USNORTHCOM/J7 Training and Operations Systems Analysis (TOSA) Support

TOSAs provide the analytical methodology necessary to support the requirements-based training and readiness requirements and ensure integration with the global DoD Joint Training community.

Tasks include:

  • Modeling
  • Assessment
  • Analysis and Training Support

(Multiple Task Orders)

USAF/AFMC 711 Human Performance Wing (HPW) Mission Support Professional Services

Provide the following advisory and non-advisory assistance services for:

  • Management support services
  • Certified support services
  • Technical support services
  • Clinical support services
  • Management and professional services
  • Studies, Analyses, and Evaluations
  • Engineering and technical services


SOCOM Wide Mission Support (SWMS) Group B

Support the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) which oversees the training, doctrine, and equipping all of the US Special Operations Forces (SOF) units. Provide professional services in support of global SOF:

  • Education and training to include combat modeling, exercise planning support, exercise execution support, training and mission rehearsal support, education policy analysis and revision, cultural and language training support, translation services, etc.
  • Management support to include position and concept papers, reports, independent expert support, etc.
  • Non-SORDAC administrative and other services to include position and concept papers, reports, basic office functions, etc.



Establish a suite of IDIQ contracts for non-IT (Operations (Clerical) and Administrative Services) to support the Department of Homeland Security in the CONUS, to include:

Administrative Operations and Services to include:

  •  Day-to-day office administrative support services, such as financial planning, billing and recordkeeping; and personnel.
  • Business operations support services to include letter drafting; document editing or proofreading, typing, word processing or desktop publishing; and other secretarial services, answering telephone calls and relaying messages to clients, postal and mailing services and one or more other office support services such as facsimile services, and word processing services.

Court Reporting and Stenotype Services to include verbatim reporting and stenotype recording of live legal proceedings, and transcribe subsequent recorded materials and any other business support services, for example: address bar coding services, bard code imprinting services, and mail presorting services.