Our Belief

by | Nov 22, 2016

Measuring the effectiveness of all joint training environments will improve mission readiness today and in the future.

With the right thinkers –- our technologists, intelligence analysts, military and government veterans — and the right implementers –- our software and network engineers –- we believe superior joint training environments that provide improved mission readiness will be achieved.

Since 2003, VATC’s 90% military and intelligence veteran team has developed the largest SOF, joint, and interagency exercises in the world, while staying true to our existing customers and supporting every theater in which our military operates.

But that wasn’t enough.

While we exceeded our customers’ expectations in providing the best realistic live, virtual, and constructive training environments for operators and intelligence analysts and we watched our white papers turn into programs of record, we also noticed mission readiness shortfalls as the human dynamics of multiple deployments took their toll on the teams we had trained. We saw the commanders’ frustration when they could not receive immediate feedback on whether their units were meeting training objectives. And, if they were not meeting the objectives, was it a fault of the exercise design or cost cuts?

In our commitment to the warfighter, VATC pursued innovation and applied research to find a solution. We now have a solution that is, shall we say, truly EPIC.