Our Belief


At VATC, we understand that the world is changing and that it’s vital to our customers and to our country to stay a step ahead. That’s why we are passionate about developing joint training and intelligence solutions that improve mission readiness today and in the future.

We are completely invested in this mission. It begins with the passion of our people. Our staff—which includes Special Operations Forces, conventional military, interagency, and intelligence veterans—is personally committed to the well-being of the warfighter and the success of the mission.

Next is our commitment to innovation. We believe that by combining the operational experience of our intelligence, military and government veterans with the expertise of our technologists, we can transform mission readiness. EPIC Ready™ is taking the lessons learned from decades of experience developing the largest joint and interagency exercises in the world to deliver a platform that will transform how realistic training is delivered and measured, resulting in effective and accurate mission readiness analysis and assessment.

Finally, it’s an organization-wide commitment. From top to bottom, we share a common devotion to a singular vision: total commitment of VATC resources to ensure our customer is ready for every challenge. We consistently provide service above and beyond contracted requirements to ensure effective and safe performance. For example, when government funding fell short on an important exercise, we invested VATC capital to ensure that the exercise objectives were met.

In short, through our dedicated and highly experienced team, innovative thinking, and corporate vision for always reaching new heights, we are committed to developing and delivering holistic solutions that improve the way that joint training and intelligence will be delivered in the 21st century.

Operational environments are changing and will continue to change. We need to be a step ahead.