Planning & Analysis System

Maximizing ROI

The EPIC Ready™ Planning and Analysis System (PAS) is a revolutionary tool for planning exercises, tracking their progress, measuring results, and providing quantitative and qualitative feedback to leadership. Addressing unit training, battlestaff training and  operational-level exercises, PAS provides the tools to plan, manage, and objective assess events and exercises to insure effective training to achieve readiness.

Design. Employing user-defined training objectives and leveraging the Joint Training Information Management System (JTIMS), PAS helps exercise planners build and schedule training events.

Measure. PAS objectively measures the tasks, conditions and standards assigned to the Joint Mission Essential Tasks (JMETs) associated with a unit’s objectives. This data, which helps determine training effectiveness and mission readiness, can be easily exported to JTIMS.

Manage. PAS improves rapid field reviews. Daily objectives reports, which can be completed in minutes, capture whether training objectives are being met and, if not, provide the instant information needed to adjust on the fly.

Report. From exercise planners to unit commanders to the joint staff, leadership on all levels receives the exact information needed to determine success and, if shortfalls exist, help determine why. In addition to better information, PAS also reduces the time required for after-action reporting from months to days. Furthermore, you can create immediate lessons learned to enhance planning for the next joint exercise life cycle.

Intuitive and simple to use, PAS has the flexibility needed to handle today’s changing requirements.

PAS provides the unit performance data needed to ensure force readiness and increase return on investment (ROI) in training.

Spanning the Joint Exercise Life Cycle

PAS helps:

  • Plan and run exercises
  • Measure results
  • Fine-tune training
  • Quantify force readiness
  • Improve ROI