VATC Awarded Geospatial CIBORG SIN Contract

EPIC Ready Product Suite Creates CDB 3D Geopackages; EPIC Product and VATC Geospatial Services

now available on NGA Contract Vehicle

TAMPA, Fla., Nov 27, 2017 Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC), a leader in delivering military operational support and realistic training environments to government and commercial customers around the world, announced today that they have been awarded a contract for Geospatial CIBORG SIN, a new joint initiative between General Services Administration (GSA) and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) through which government customers can purchase VATC EPIC Ready Products and Special Operations and Geospatial Services, a product suite combined with service offerings that help customers create common database 3D Geopackages for distributed mission planning and mission rehearsal systems.

“We’re excited to be able to offer military, intelligence, private sector and international partner nations with products and solutions for training and mission planning in a manner that has yet to be achieved. For over a decade, VATC has been harnessing the insights and experience in the areas of special operations and geospatial intelligence to create the most cost-effective solutions available for training of our national assets and partner nations. Our products are especially effective in providing support and solutions in the areas of close-air support and improved intelligence- operator coordination via geospatial technologies,” said Sara Moola, VATC’s co-founder and CEO. “With EPIC Ready CDB now able to build and distribute 3D Geopackages for mission planning, rehearsal and operations, we can serve in-building NGA’s CDB libraries for operators of air, land and sea coordination. We are incredibly excited to offer a new, more efficient way for 3D geospatial knowledge to be disseminated and synced for rapid preparation of coordinated intelligence and operator forces.”

EPIC Ready Products and Special Operations and Geospatial Services are available through a dedicated Special Item Number, SIN 132-41. Services include but are not limited to OGC-compliant distributed mission operations 3D Geopackages generated by EPIC Ready CDB Engine, EPIC Ready DMR and open APIs for predictive analytics and EPIC Planning and Assessment System to integrate on-demand 3D geospatial open-source intelligence into the scenario.

CIBORG SIN was procured through the General Services Administration Schedule IT-70.


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