Who We Are

by | Nov 22, 2016

Applying yesterday’s lessons to today’s training for tomorrow’s mission

VATC builds solutions that make joint readiness measureable and effective for mission execution. We are committed to applying lessons learned in operational areas of conflict to joint training and exercise environments.

We are a company of outstanding performers. We understand our customers because 90% of our employees are veterans of military and public service as Special Operators; Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Army Operators; Intelligence Analysts; and International Development experts. Our operational and intelligence know-how coupled with our technical expertise in visualization, simulation, augmented reality, software development, and networking is transforming mission readiness. We have harnessed more than a decade of VATC operational expertise in this niche area into a technology platform that will monitor and analyze human performance for effective mission readiness. EPIC™ is an enabler and multiplier for mission preparation and readiness. It rapidly brings realistic and dynamic variables to all training requirements at every level of action and decision-making.

We are flexible, adaptive planners and effective decision makers with the organization and experience to always bring the right solution to every challenge.

Founded in 2003, VATC has more than 170 employees and field experience in 125 countries. Today, we are executing programs in over 39 locations worldwide.

We focus not just on getting the job done but also ensuring we achieve our nation’s policy goals and enable mission success.


Sara Moola

VATC President, CEO & Co-Founder
SOFWOLF Co-Founder


Robert ‘Mike’ Vaughn

VATC COO & Co-Founder
SOFWOLF Co-Founder


Natalie Bonner

Vice President


Jason Fulford

Vice President
Business Development & Proposals


Kim Hardman

Vice President
Corporate Services


Frank Kuska

Vice President


Rita Maxwell

Vice President
Finance & Accounting


Dennis Pannell

Vice President
Corporate Strategy


Chad Ritchie

Intelligence Services & ISR

James Dorough-Lewis Jr., PhD

Partnership Development
Applied Research & Technology

Jeffrey Mason

Training Coordination

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