Supporting the existing framework with modular technology and superior SOF and IC veteran team support for open and closed systems.

 Since 2007, VATC has designed and supported the constructive feed architecture that has enabled Special Operations, Conventional Forces, Interagency, and NATO Joint Staff (J7) accredited exercises. Ever since, we have deployed and patented our modular system of readiness, EPIC Ready®. EPIC Ready supports online and closed network mission planning life cycle from the initial concept design to the final planning and execution to rapid visual assessment and after action review. Additionally, 3D terrain gaming environments and cyber synthetic tools have generated a realistic approach that can be integrated into existing joint exercise life cycles, allowing scenario data and lessons learned to be applied to future missions.

Distributive mission exercise and operational support.

CF, SOF, and IC subject matter experts design realistic conflict scenarios and use innovative technologies to distribute the collaborative environment to all involved planners. Our common synthetic terrain and open data standards replicate the operational environment, ensuring consistency between training exercises and real life scenarios.

We successfully integrate multiservice, intergovernmental, and partner nation forces into combined training environments, increasing mission effectiveness while facilitating better coordination and cooperation.

Replicating the internet and geopolitical threats for planning and risk assessment.

VATC prepares our nation’s military with multi-domain training and intelligence through the replication of realistic social media environments that facilitate the enemy’s operations, as well as delivering nation state intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance of mission critical infrastructure.

VATC facilitates the ability to replicate realistic internet scenarios in closed network environments. Content is adaptable and customizable, encompassing everything from social media engagement and analysis, to network mapping.

We address the experience gap that warfighters encounter between classroom training to task execution in live environments.

VATC’s subsidiary technology division developed the EPIC Ready technology suite, which is comprised of three core applications:

EPIC Plan provides training planners and participants with the ability to collaboratively plan, execute, and visually assess analytics on exercise performance and data analytics.

EPIC Media generates realistic training environments through a synthetic information environment. The replicated online media environment replicates major social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

EPIC Builder is a 3D geospatial model creation tool for managing and deploying 3D geographic information using the OGC, CDB, and GeoPackage standards. This information can be used in mission planning and distributed for mission rehearsals.

Interalliance Biometric Sharing Training Environment.

VATC’s support of rapid force modernization in biometrics, forensics, and the biometric identity intelligence resource training environment, enabling us to perform a multitude of highly technical services for rapid force modernization. Our work related to biometrics and forensics, the biometric identity resource training environment, and GEOINT integration, and identity intelligence disciplines, sets VATC apart. Additionally, we support identity operations that include military GEOINT systems, units, or other assets, as well as properly coordinating resource allocation.