VATC is known to develop, integrate, and transform Joint and Interagency exercises that occur around the world, in non-state threat scenarios.

We provide realistic pre-deployment combat readiness exercises to US Special Operations Forces (SOF), Conventional Forces (CF), Interagency (IA), and Partner Nations (PN) participants by replicating a Peer/Near-Peer threat environment. VATC facilitated the expansion of an exercise from a small focus, to one that is regarded as the largest annual integrated (SOF-NATO-CF-IA) exercise.

VATC designs, executes, and evaluates exercises supporting the Special Operations Community


VATC trains SOF units using the latest virtual close air support (vCAS) technologies.


Emerald Warrior is a two week irregular warfare exercise that utilizes live, virtual, and constructive training.


Realistic Military Training replicates kinetic and non-kinetic environments outside standard training areas.

Helping our clients anticipate and manage uncertainty by preparing them to “Not be Surprised by Surprises.”

Supported by the Right Team

VATC’s training group possesses tactical through operational level knowledge, experience, and technical expertise in support of Joint and Special Operations training.

  • 70% of VATC employees have extensive SOF backgrounds.

  • JTF level exercise design experience.

  • Operational level Joint Command and Control Staff experience.

  • Current/relevant combat tours.

  • Supported over 100 Joint Training Events.

Providing training that equips an entire team with the necessary tools to succeed in a dynamic, asymmetric environment.

Proven Training Record

VATC has earned the trust of local leaders and populace by conducting training events in a safe, professional manner. Consequently, our team is able to execute and support multiple high visibility, individual, and multilateral training events.

Relevant Experience In:

  • Infil/Exfil (RW/FW)

  • Irregular Warfare Scenarios

  • Traditional Small Arms Range Operations

  • Quick Reactionary Force OPS

  • Direct Action

  • Special Reconnaissance

  • Convoy Security

  • IED (Reporting/Reaction)

  • Sensitive Site Exploitation

  • Airborne Operations

  • Advanced Force Operations

  • Cordon

  • Area Assessment

  • Force Protection (Security Plan Development)

  • Riverine Operations

  • Medical Training Scenarios

  • Counter Terrorism Operations

  • Civil Affairs Operations

  • Training Objective and Scenario Development

  • OPFOR and SITFOR coordination and support

  • Logistics

  • Virtual Call For Fire (vCFF) Training Support