Logistics is the transfer of personnel and material from one location to another, as well as the maintenance of that material. These logistics are crucial for a military to support their deployment, domestic and abroad, to quickly respond to emergent threats, and to be prepared for any large-scale tactics. VATC has been providing support and solutions to the military supply. These efforts have saved money, improved readiness and combat support, and enhanced preparedness. Military logistics are used throughout all levels of operations from personnel in the field to defense industries right here at home.

Our efforts are crucial in delivering what our military needs for mission success and combat service support.

The safety and success of every mission is dependent on procuring the right supplies, materials, and equipment at a moment’s notice. The importance of logistics varies in many ways which include supporting an office to obtain office supplies, finding a part to make a ship or aircraft mobile again, and so much more.

Disciplines range from lesser priority to high priority:

  • Planning and executing logistical support for military exercises

  • Teaching and mentoring mid to senior grade battlestaff members

  • Day-to-day logistics operations support in various facets

  • Transport of personnel

  • Acquisition or construction of facilities

  • Acquisition or furnishing of services

  • Medical and health service support