2019 TechConnect Innovation Awardee

TechConnect World, June 17-19 2019, Boston, MA

 Geoanalytics Platform for Special Operations Mission Readiness

Organization: EPIC Ready

Congratulations!  Geoanalytics Platform for Special Operations Mission Readiness is recognized as a 2019 TechConnect Innovation Awardee at next month's TechConnect World Conference in Boston, MA.

You received this Award because it placed in the top 15% of submitted technologies as ranked by the TechConnect Corporate & Investment Partner Committee.  TechConnect Innovation Awardees are listed on our Awards page:

VATC honored with 2017 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award for EPIC Ready

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 6, 2017 – Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC), a leader in delivering advanced Distributed Missions Operations training environments to government and commercial customers around the world, announced today that they have received the 2017 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award for EPIC Ready™ at the Defense Innovation Summit (DITAC) in Tampa, Florida.

“Tony Perez and his team have worked tirelessly creating the newest EPIC Ready features,” said Sara Moola, CEO and co-founder of VATC. “The incredible team has dedicated themselves to ensuring that EPIC Ready is a top tier mission readiness technology. It’s an incredible honor that their hard work has been recognized from the defense community for being such an important innovation supporting our nation’s forces.”

EPIC Ready is a breakthrough technology platform designed to quickly and cost effectively create a fully integrated training experience that blends realistic replication of Human Dynamics, a 3D common data visual environment, and quantifiable and objective assessment of performance. Proven in demanding special operations, joint, and conventional force training environments, as well as support to Geospatial database development, EPIC Ready is the first product-based training solution that combines geospatial analytics, human dynamics factors, and data-driven performance analysis to create the most realistic and effective warfighter experience possible. Learn more about EPIC Ready at

The Defense Innovation Summit (DITAC) in collaboration with NSTXL presents a new innovation acceleration model made to rapidly prospect, vet and fund state-of-the-art technologies in alignment with war-fighter needs. The TechConnect Defense Innovation Award is presented to companies whose technology placed in the top 15 percent of all submissions.

About Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting, Inc. (VATC) 

For more than a decade, Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC) has combined its joint training experience, innovative engineering talent and intelligence expertise to pioneer the development of the most advanced Distributed Missions Operations (DMO) training environments available anywhere in the world. Combining the latest open geospatial data standards with an integrated suite of innovative DMO training solutions, VATC offers a legacy of proven performance, leading subject-matter expertise and the most innovative technological solutions to the modern military’s growing challenges. For more information, visit us at, or on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.