SWMS B SOF Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC) Analytic Support

The Lukos-VATC Joint Venture was awarded a Task Order under the SOCOM WIDE MISSION SUPPORT Group B contract to support Special Operations Forces Language Office (SOFLO) and SOF Components’ ongoing requirement for analyzing class and cohort level data and providing actionable recommendations to optimize outcomes and programs, providing analyses of selected issues impacting SOF LREC capability, analyzing the relevant Government/DoD/Service/USSOCOM/Service SOF Component policies, and making recommendations to optimize SOF LREC capability through policy initiatives.

LV JV will collect data, applying academically sound, state of the art institutional and organizational methodologies and principles to produce technical reports, formative (during) and summative (at the end of training) assessments, executive summaries, white papers, and other analytic information to facilitate improved Government decision making.  Tasks may be at the team or class level, cohort level, organizational level or higher.  Tasks may be joint or Service specific. Policy issues addressed may pertain to a high level DoD policy or to a single Service SOF Component.