3D World Terrain Created with Metadata for Distributed Mission Planning, Rehearsal, Gaming, and Tactical Environments.

EPIC Ready® delivers a single baseline terrain database and a 3D generation tool that provides a digital Earth to synthesize any operational environment, providing higher level detail in areas of interest. EPIC Ready uses geospatial data (LIDAR, 3D City Maps, surface and surface modelers) and surveillance video to generate and utilize open architecture to produce a virtual environment, enabling joint and combined military and/or national security training for the land, sea, air, and cyber domains, including social network analysis (SNA).


EPIC Ready Builder is the only 3D world synthetic environment generator that provides a WYSIWYG interface for creation of CDB.

EPIC Builder directly supports gaming and tactical environments.

EPIC Ready 3D World Terrain data and generation tools were designed to incorporate 3D source data that when published retains required metadata. In the simulation world, synthetic terrain is often inaccurate to geophysical characteristics and must be modified or reviewed for data integrity. EPIC Ready allows 3D world procedures to create data on data to document the integrity of the synthetic environment. Although metadata collection is performed in the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) industry regularly, it is often overlooked within the Modeling and Simulation and Gaming communities, EPIC Ready Builder and the 3D World Terrain aim to recreate the real-world synthetic environment, while maintaining data providence.

When we say “replicate the operational environment”, we mean it.

For the safety of the mission operator, as well as to plan the mission as accurately as possible, the 3D World Terrain provides stored data definitions to planners, Intel analysts, and operators.

Metadata, used properly, can save lives. When you know the source and the quality of the data, you can rely on it.

EPIC Ready 3D World Terrain and terrain generation tool, EPIC Builder, create a baseline 3D synthetic terrain in Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) International Standards. Real-world, operationally relevant synthetic terrain is generated through cutting-edge procedural generation. EPIC Builder is easily accessible and makes importing geo-specific data layers through an open pipeline simple while maintaining the metadata directory.

3D World Terrain with partner data generated in a Common Database (CDB) currently utilizes hundreds of surface types, vegetation, and accurate geographic features, enabling users to train anywhere immediately in represented geographic features. EPIC Ready 3D World Terrain also features whole-earth road networks, airports, and urban areas generated from OpenStreetMap (OSM), National System for Geospatial Intelligence Application Schema (NAS), Multinational Geospatial Co-Production Program (MGCP), or other openly defined data. All data may be ingested using OGC standards such as WMS (Web Map Service), WFS (Web Feature Service), and WCS (Web Coverage Service). With EPIC Ready Builder, high-resolution insets blend seamlessly with low-resolution basedata, providing users with high flexibility and high fidelity.