Ordering Information Required

All orders submitted under this Agreement shall contain, as applicable, the following information:

  • Reference to the BOA.

  • Identification and details of the Purchaser.

  • Any special Terms and Conditions applicable to the Order (e.g. Payment, Warranty, etc.)

  • Description of the Products to be delivered and/or of the Engineering Services to be performed (including labour categories, labour rates, people’s names).

  • Specification of the Requested Products Delivery Schedule and/or of the Engineering Services Period of Performance.

  • Specification of the Products Delivery Location and/or of the Engineering Services Place of Performance.

  • Shipping instructions.

  • Security requirements.

  • Completion of “Non-Transfer and Use Certificate” (e.g. DSP 83), Export License or equivalent, as applicable.

  • Testing and Acceptance criteria and provisions.

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