VATC replicates operational realism through the work of our skilled team and responsive geospatial technology.

Risk in the operational environment is inevitable, which is why it is essential to pair the right team with the right tools to mitigate risks of any kind. Technology alone will not resolve risk, especially in complex, distributed environments. Whether preparing for conflicts in austere environments or planning for the unplanned, it is imperative to match the right team, VATC, with the right set of tools. These tools, which are readily available and operate in any environment, reduce any risk and help ensure readiness.

EPIC Ready enables planners, Intel analysts, and cyber threat experts to collaborate and execute the most realistic operational scenarios, while providing tactical operators and strategic decision makers visual analytics on the operational terrain and return on investment.

Reported data is fully exportable to other tools or applications, enhancing assessment and collaboration capabilities. Our leading edge technology and experienced team provide a realistic training experience. To be most effective, the training scenario must reflect current events while applying lessons learned from the field. Through replication, joint training and exercise execution can mirror performance in the operational environment. Monitoring performance and stimulating learning from previous exercises, which include internal and external challenges, drive experience to performance learning.

VATC is working towards integrating this type of data with artificial intelligence to increase performance potential and responsiveness. This knowledge is being used to optimize planning and improve productivity. VATC will integrate this data and utilize artificial intelligence to increase warfighter capabilities with enhanced features, benefits, and responsiveness.

Our adept team of experienced individuals, working alongside veterans of the intelligence community, combined with our EPIC Ready technology, prepare your team for the innumerable risks that lie ahead.

With VATC and EPIC Ready, we bring together smart people and smart technology

With VATC and EPIC Ready, we bring together smart people and smart technology

Just a few of the people we help…

Mission Planners

Joint Exercise Data, Joint Mission Essential Tasks, Master Scenario Event Lists, & Area of Interests

Intelligence Analysts

We support Digital Media Replication, Human Dynamics, Biometric Data, & Digital Forensics


We support Close Air Support, Ground Truth, & Field Forensics


Additional benefits through use

The more you use EPIC Ready and VATC, the more the benefits grow. Use your previous exercise data to more quickly generate new scenarios and exercises, or view your trends over time.

Integrate with tools you use

With EPIC Ready’s open standards and open, non-proprietary API you can integrate with the technology and tools you already use now and in the future.