Special Operations and Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) Training and Joint Force Wargaming.

VATC has supported Special Operations training events in various environments for over a decade—with environments becoming more complex over time. Recently the military began crafting a new strategy—Multi-Domain Operations—which leverages land and maritime forces, CAS and UAS assets, space and cyberspace technology, and Special Operations Forces to defeat our adversary’s integrated defensive capabilities, avoid domain isolation and fracturing, and preserve freedom of action.

Developing and perfecting multi-domain operations isn’t easy. Multi-domain operations takes a lot of training, interoperability, and interconnectivity. Multi-domain operations are now being incorporated into joint-service wargames. The VATC team and our innovative EPIC Ready Geoanalytics (EPIC Builder) platform is postured to support the future battlespace gaming environment.

VATC supports SOF stepping out of the Gray Zone without abandoning hard-fought lessons learned, and fully embracing their role in the future Multi-Domain Operations environment.

VATC is a leader in creating live, virtual, and constructive training environments for Special Operations Forces. Our large cadre of SOF veterans are experts in their craft and are uniquely positioned to support SOF, joint forces, and partner nations to build synergy in live or wargaming environments. We utilize expert planners, the latest equipment, special effects and props, and vetted role players to create a unique and world-class immersive training environment. Examples include simulated-regional environment settings; simulated Host Nation Special Operations Force/Foreign Internal Defense role players; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) packages; advanced medical training—to include live tissue training; human terrain and sensitive activities role players; signals intelligence (SIGINT) packages; maritime and vehicle packages; and exploitation analysis cell packages.